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10 recipes from Super Food Family Classics by Jamie Oliver

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cinnamon Churros; Crisp G&Ts; Local Eateries; Destination Dining and the Great Kiwi Road Trip

19 January 2017

Oodles of noodles
Green mondays
Oodles of noodles
Ditch the heavy carbs this summer and try your hand at Kelly Gibney's scrumptious Zucchini Pasta with Slow Roasted Tomatoes, Olives and Herb Ricotta.

See the recipe


Sugar and spice
Sugar and spice
Upgrade the beloved Kiwi treat with these mouth-wateringly good Cinnamon Churros Ice Cream Sandwiches.

See the recipe

Hello Graham For many parts of the country, we're quickly approaching back-to-back long weekends - and that's something to smile about it.
This week, we hit the open road, from Port Waikato to Waikanae, you'll be suprised what you might find when you venture off the grid.
We're currently craving sticky grilled fruit, summer desserts and fish tacos washed down with crisp gin cocktails.
As the new year picks up steam, we take a moment to celebrate New Zealand's culinary wins, with eight beloved local eateries recieving a coveted spot on La Liste's Outstanding Restaurant List for 2017,
On that note, we've all got something to celebrate.
Happy grilling from the Dish team!

LATEST RECIPES | our favourite recipes from this week

Grilled Pineapple with Rum, Orange and Chilli 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Zealand Wines 2017

25th Edition!
New Zealand Wines 2017
Michael Cooper’s Buyer’s Guide
Published by Upstart Press, RRP $39.99

Michael Cooper has tasted more than 100,000 wines for the annual Michael Cooper’s Buyer’s Guides – now celebrating its 25th edition.
It is a phenomenal achievement to have an annual book published uninterruptedly for 25 years!

The first edition, published in 1992, included 800 wines and ran to 279 pages. Now Michael Cooper covers 3,000 wines, and the Michael Cooper’s Buyer’s Guide is about 600 pages thick. Over those 25 years here is how the NZ wine industry has grown:

•             In 1992, the total vineyard area in New Zealand was 6,099 hectares. It has now increased six fold –

For 2016 the total producing vineyard area is 36,192 hectares.

•             In 1992, New Zealand produced 41.6 million litres of wine.  In 2016 total production is 313.9 million litres of wine, up more than 750% over 25 years.

•             In 1992, New Zealand exported 7.1 million litres of wine, worth $34 million.  In 2016 exports reached 213.4 million litres, worth $1.57 billion. That’s an increase in volume of 3,000%.

With this edition, we celebrate 25 years of Michael Cooper’s Buyer’s Guide. Michael Cooper’s Buyer’s Guide has been successful because it gives the wine lover what they need. Michael’s goal is to provide truly independent wine reviews, in a media environment where advertorial is increasingly common and where many so-called wine ‘reviews’ are in fact purchased directly by wineries from so-called ‘critics’. 

Recognising that there is no shortage of good wine, Michael also aims to focus not only on each wine’s quality but also on its value.  Every wine is described in detail and then rated for quality and value-for-money. 

The 25th edition includes new tasting notes and ratings, suitable for the new initiate and the established wine-buff alike.

Divided by grape variety to help selection, this comprehensive guide includes vintage ratings, star ratings for quality, and a dryness/sweetness guide.
Other features include Classic Wines: wines that consistently achieve an outstanding level of quality for at least three vintages.

To help celebrate the milestone 25th edition of the Buyer’s Guide, Michael Cooper has listed 25 labels that all lovers of New Zealand wine should taste from time to time.  Regardless of whether your interest is in the country’s greatest wines, or those that offer the greatest value, the 25 featured in this book all make a huge contribution.

Michael Cooper is New Zealand’s most acclaimed wine writer, with 40 books and several major literary awards to his credit, including the Montana Medal for the supreme work of non-fiction at the 2003 Montana New Zealand Book Awards for his magnum opus, Wine Atlas of New Zealand. In the 2004 New Year Honours, Michael was appointed an ONZM for services to wine writing.

Author of the country’s biggest-selling wine book, the annual New Zealand Wines: Michael Cooper’s Buyer’s Guide, now in its 25th edition, he was awarded the Sir George Fistonich Medal in recognition of services to New Zealand wine in 2009. The award is made each year at the country’s largest wine competition, the New Zealand International Wine Show, to a ‘living legend’ of New Zealand wine.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Living the life – summer days are here

Living the life – summer days are hereShared Kitchen is set for a mega month of cooking classes in February, including Thai and Middle Eastern foods, Vegan and Vegetarian classes, Barbecues and Rubs & Marinades, and classes for beginners, too. I’m also running new Summer Sunset Classes that you can tie in to a visit to Waiheke during Waitangi weekend, or add to the end of a day after attending the highly acclaimed Headland Sculpture on the Gulf. See the full schedule

Don’t you hate it when you’ve planned a barbecue and the weather turns on you?
chicken skewers featured below are fantastic cooked on a barbecue hot plate (griddle), but they fare pretty well cooked in batches in a ridged grill pan if you have to move indoors. Haven’t got a ridged grill pan? They are a worthy addition to a kitchen in my opinion, especially for quick bruschetta and for cooking steaks. Back to the chicken … these succulent little morsels – oh, watch the heat always with chicken, especially when honey is involved, or you’ll get a blackened exterior with a raw centre – are served on a salad of cos leaves, watermelon, feta, sizzled bits of lemon zest, mint and salted pepitas (pumpkin seeds). I’m not going to lie and say you can knock this lot up after work, but it can mostly be made in advance so it’s great for entertaining. Chicken Skewers on watermelon & Feta Salad

I’ve been getting heaps of Google hits on my posts on
plum jam, and as plums are in full swing I thought it timely to bring up the post again. My advice is to read through the whole thing, especially if you are a novice jam-maker, and make a small batch first because it is easier (and safer) to deal with successfully.

And how about this ridiculously decadent way with sweet corn – slathered in butter AND mayo, tarragon and parmesan cheese. You haven’t tried it? It’s, well, as I said, ridiculously decadent and I must limit myself to just one helping of it every season (I don’t always manage that!).
Sweet Corn with Lime & Tarragon Mayo

I’ve updated my post on FURI knives this week to include new innovations. I’ve been using my FURI knife for 15 years and you can see it alongside a new knife – it’s hard to tell the difference. These Australian designed knives are made with Japanese steel and have a 25-year warranty. Mine looks like it will more than go that distance.

If you are new to Shared Kitchen take a moment to check out the fabulous trip I am hosting to
Puglia in May. You can make your own way from New Zealand, or if you are already in Europe, pick up the tour from there. Puglia is an undiscovered foodie’s paradise and this will be a sensational trip staying in gorgeous places off the beaten track.

Finally, some days, even experienced cooks will agree, don’t produce great results. I’m brutally honest about my latest escapade in the kitchen.
Read it here.

Have a good one!

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Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake from indexed The Kitchn

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5 recipes from Lamingtons & Lemon Tart: Best-Ever Cakes, Desserts and Treats from a Modern Sweets Maestro by Darren Purchese

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5 recipes from Vegetables by Antonio Carluccio, indexed